Forager Tile
On the Beach
Dear Friend
Platter for Greens
Scotsman in the Garden
3 Sides of Pink Cup
Hither and Thither
Alice Vessel
Beekeeper Jar (3 Sides)
Fertility Jar
Amur and Snow Leopards
Nova Scotian Man Sitting on Rock
Sweet Puppy
Little Platter
Owl Tablet
Egg Cup
Mushroom/Girl Planter
Moonlit Friends
At the Korean Day Spa
Little Teen DIsh
Little Jesus Cup
Untitled Bowl
Untitled, side 1
Untitled, side 2
Night & Day
Blue Plate
Scotsman Tile
Alice Vessel, View 2
Alice Vessel, View 2
Untitled Slab
Little White Cup
Scots Bowl
Untitled tablet
Untitled Vase
Blue Cup
Little Fingers Vase, view 1
Little Fingers Vase, view 2
Little dish
Dark Platter
Tiny Salt Bowl
Talk, little dish
Cat Cheese Platter
People in Bowl
Snail Woman
Raw Mushroom Vessel